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Ashley Wong


Ashley was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in English from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and a Teaching Certificate for English as a Second Language. Eager to work at a young age, she was first exposed to the world of Real Estate by her older sister, who demonstrated a finesse that Ashley mirrors to this day. After exploring other opportunities in her early adulthood, she decided to devote herself to Property Management. She is self-motivated and inspired by the endless possibilities here on this flourishing island. She has over eight years of extensive experience working with top echelon realtors in the management of over fifty residential properties. Ashley's strong work ethics, keen administrative and communication skills, and attention to detail will keep her clients satisfied and confident in her services. Ashley has a passion for languages and cultures and loves connecting with people coming from different backgrounds. After many adventures abroad, backpacking through Europe and teaching English in Cambodia for a year, she has developed a knack for working with international clientele and bringing ease to long distance transactions. She loves to keep busy and in her free time enjoys hiking, yoga, reading, listening to radio shows, and making fresh pressed juice. She also treasures any time she gets to spend in the ocean.
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Ashley Wong

  • HI License 76288
970 N Kalaheo Ave
Suite A100 凯卢阿, 夏威夷 96734 美国

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